antony watson photographer

Hi! I am Antony Watson. Born in Melbourne, Australia, I am a full-time professional photographer with a passion for photography and the environment. My work documents my interpretation of the dwindling vestiges of pristine wilderness and cultural diversity.

Leading Expeditions into the Polar Regions as well as Asia provides amazing opportunities to share these rare and amazing experiences with fellow photographers and travellers.

Residing in Melbourne Australia with my wife and two daughters , I graduated from Photography Studies College majoring in Commercial Photography.

I am a full accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) having won awards at both the state and national level.

When not running photography expeditions, I work selectively for a number of commercial clients. My eldest, Eloise, has just asked for a “real” camera for her 6th birthday so she can come along with Dad on his expeditions to take photos. I think I see a pattern forming here ..