African Safari Cruise Expedition May 19th to June 2nd 2016

African Safari Expedition

Come and photograph the diverse culture and wildlife on this African Expedition from the Western Cape to the wilds of South Africa and Botswana with this very exciting 15 day / 14 night African Safari Cruise Expedition in May 2016.

Departing on the 19th of May 2016 and finishing on the 2nd of June this trip will start in Cape Town South Africa and conclude in Johannesberg.

On this expedition we’ll observe Africa’s wildlife in its natural habitat taking in the famous Big Five.

We explore vibrant Cape Town, with its lively music and contemporary artscene. We visit its nearby wine-growing regions to sample South Africa’s renowned wine and local foods. We discover the power of Victoria Falls from its most famous hotel, enjoy luxurious safari lodges in Kapama Reserve and Chobe National Park, and sail the Chobe River, the natural boundary between Botswana and Namibia, on board the glorious Zambezi Queen (with special, small expedition boats that carry us even closer to the wildlife).
Discover the elegance of a bygone era as we search out some of the world’s largest herds of elephants, (Chobe National Park alone has some 45,000), giraffe’s grazing on thorn trees, antelopes like kudu and puku and bathing hippos. There is something profoundly humbling to see lions, cheetahs and leopards stalk their prey.
Birdwatching is incredible and best at dawn, and the simple act of walking on African soil makes you feel as if you are coming home.

Africa’s dust-drenched sunsets, lions and leopards hunting at night, a raucous dawn chorus set in a landscape that has long-inspired artists and writers. From Cape Town’s diverse art scene, cuisine and music, to Victoria Falls, where the mighty Zambezi thunders; from South Africa’s Kaparna Private Game Reserve, to Botswana’s Chobe National Park. From luxury Chobe River boats and safari lodge we watch elephants roaming in their thousands across sweet grass that attracts both predator and prey. Over two weeks we travel by plane, boat, bus and jeep to some of the most spectacular and concentrated wildlife destinations on Earth.

African Safari Expedition
This expedition offers a complete African experience for photography, taking in the famous Big Five as well as seeing some amazing culture and vistas. It is for a strictly limited number of 28 participants plus leaders and expedition guide.

If you are excited by the prospect of travelling to Africa with a small group, now is the time to register by contacting me at or via the contact page.

Expedition Dates

May 19th to June 2nd 2016


African Safari Cruise Expedition 2016 Itinerary

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